Which Varicose Vein Treatment is Best?

There is no best treatment. All treatments have their advantages and disadvantages, so we will guide you through the options and suggest which treatment might be the right option for you.

When treatments are selected appropriately, (and this is where experience in ALL options is really important), the end result of all treatments is much the same, both for symptom relief and appearance.

The advantage of The Vein Centre is that all work is done on site in a hospital setting, where all sorts of specialists are on hand should the need arise.
We will help you decide on which treatment would suit you best, and this decision is based on your general health, your lifestyle, and your vein anatomy as demonstrated by our highly experienced Specialist Vascular Ultrasonographers.

Nowadays non surgical, minimally invasive procedures have become a “gold standard” of  varicose veins treatment, so choose either laser (EVLA) and/or injection treatments (Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy, also known as UGS) or Venaseal® (vein glue) treatment of your veins. A few visits may be required to complete the treatments. These treatments can be done during your lunch time, and many people return straight back to work after the treatment. This is important for self employed and busy people. However, when UGS is used, you need to wear a compression stocking for 2 weeks. People who have a thing about needles might consider Venaseal®, as fewer injections are involved and stockings are not always needed afterwards.

And finally, immense relief of symptoms can be obtained with sequential compression stockings, however compression alone does not stop the progress of the disease! Again, we can advise you in regards to which grade of compression, and which size stocking you need.

So we will help you with the decision and fully explain the expectations of your particular treatment. Naturally, we will also discuss possible problems relating to each procedure, but rest assured that in our hands, the complication rate is much the same for all treatments.

If you need more information, please read our article for Doctor Magazine available here.