VeinGogh (pronounced Vein Go) for removing fine Spider Veins

Fine Facial Veins treatment in AucklandFacial Veins can now be treated in one session with instant results! However, there is likely to be minor crusting and redness for a couple of weeks. We use an electrode the width of a hair to probe the capillary. The electrode is insulated and only the tip selectively destroys the tiny vein without damaging surrounding tissue.

It is mildly uncomfortable, and we could use anaesthetic ointment if required, but this is rare. Tiny crusts appear over the treated vein and there is usually some redness over the nose or treated area  for a couple of weeks. Very occasionally another treatment is required for a few remaining capillaries, but the overwhelming number of patients are fixed in one treatment. Walk in, walk out.

There are many advantages to other forms of treatment such as IPL and Lasers:-

  1. The result is instant, instead of a few months
  2. Only one treatment is usually required, as opposed to 2 or more with laser.
  3. Therefore it is less expensive than lasers.
  4. Scarring is very rare, as only a tiny tip of the electrode is not insulated, and so the tissue surrounding the capillary is not affected.

VeinGogh - Facial Veins removal treatment


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