MOCA (MechanicO Chemical Ablation, or Clarivein®)

The fastest procedure for varicose veins in the leg!

A very small catheter (tube) is placed in the main varicose vein, which contains a soft very thin wire at the end of the catheter. This blunt wire protrudes from the end, and this wire spins around inside the vein bruising the lining of the vein. At the same time, a sclerosant is infused into the vein. The sclerosant is the same medication used in sclerotherapy (Injection treatments). The catheter is slowly withdrawn down the vein as this happens.

MOCA MechanicO Chemical Ablation or Clarivein


  1. Only one tiny injection, instead of multiple injections as in EVLA (laser)
  2. Comfortable – Slight feeling of vibration during the procedure. Mild discomfort afterwards for a day or so.
  3. Walk out and straight back to work in most cases.
  4. No risk of thermal damage to nerves.
  5. Less expensive than Laser.
  6. Almost no bruising.


  1. No long term studies available yet. So far, based on international studies, it seems to be similar to laser (EVLA) and Radiofrequency results
  2. Subsequent sclerotherapy often needed. (as with EVLA)
  3. Not yet covered by some insurance companies.

Venaseal (glue)

As we recently introduced Venaseal (glue) treatment, which is even less painful and often does not require compression stockings, MOCA is currently offered only on the patient’s request. For more information about glue, please refer to the proper section.