Glue (Venaseal®) for treating Varicose Veins

Yes, we can glue your veins shut!

The safety is well established as it has been used in abnormal blood vessels in the brain for quite a while. However it was so expensive that it was not used in varicose veins, until last year when the price was slashed. At present treatment with glue costs the same as with laser and is also funded by most of insurance companies.*

Please have a look at the animation explaining the idea of the procedure under the link below.

The advantages are:

1. Only one tiny prick of local anaesthetic – the method perfect for patients with needle-phobia!
2. No discomfort during the procedure
3. Often no stocking required (depending on anatomy) – perfect during a hot summer!
4. Safe
5. Recovery quick and hardly any discomfort or awareness
6. Does not stiffen so no effect on joints, and not able to feel it


1. As it is very new, there are no long term results, and our experience is still limited..
2. Some early experience published in the medical literature suggests large veins do not have a good result, but the series was performed incorrectly.
3. Very small risk of DVT (like in case of laser and sclerotherapy)
4. There were single cases worldwide of atypical reaction to the glue which resulted in formation of granuloma – palpable nodule which eventually had to be cut out under local anaesthesia. Therefore the method is contraindicated in patients with multiple allergic diseases or autoimmune conditions.
5. Every bio-material can induce allergic reaction. Cyanoacrylic glue is not an exemption. Allergic reaction can vary – from small localised redness to diffuse redness, swelling and even a rash. Fortunately it is rarely dangerous and settles down after few days of using anti-inflammatory medications and anti-histamines.

The specific risk and potential side effects of the procedure will be discussed with you by your doctor during the an initial consult.


Venaseal application kit with the injecting gun and micro-catheter.

*please refer to your insurance policy