About The Vein Centre – varicose and spider vein clinic in Glenfield, Auckland

New Zealands first dedicated Varicose Vein Clinic
Specialising in Non-Surgical, walk in, walk out treatments

The Vein Centre in Glenfield, Auckland

The Vein Centre is a varicose and spider vein clinic in Glenfield, Auckland dedicated to safe, non-surgical treatments for varicose and spider veins. Our staff is highly trained and experienced in various minimally invasive treatment options like endovenous laser ablation, Venaseal (glue), sclerotherapy, VeinGogh and NdYAG laser.

How do people decide on where to go for their varicose vein treatment?

They look for experience, safety, and proven results.

Over 20 years of experience

Vein Treatment Specialists at The Vein Centre in Glenfield, AucklandAs a centre of excellence, with government recognised accreditation by DAA, they fit all these criteria. As they have performed the first of many new treatments, including the first ultrasound guided sclerotherapy, the first Transilluminated powered Phlebectomy, the first Endovenous laser treatment (EVLA), the first Mechanochemical ablation (MOCA) using ClariVein (2015) and Flebogrif (2020) systems and the first VeinGogh® micro-thermal ablation, they have extensive experience in the treatment of varicose and spider veins. In 2016 we introduced the glue treatment of varicose veins (Venaseal) which is not a standard treatment options. In March 2018, as the first in New Zealand, Dr Nowacki introduced radial laser fibre for NeoV laser for EVLA, providing even less post-operative discomfort.

To date, they have performed over 3000 laser treatments, tens of thousands of sclerotherapies (since 1978), and thousands of operations. All the staff are highly trained, and keep up to date with international conferences.


At The Vein Centre, they perform regular audits to ensure they can recognise potential problems, and to ensure our results are up to international standards. They also have accreditation for office and day-stay procedures recognised by the NZ government.


Whenever new technology was introduced, it has only been done after sufficient peer reviewed published experience is available. Dr Fris then traveled overseas to work in that area with a recognised specialist in that field before instituting it at The Vein Centre. Results were then carefully registered on a computer program, and monitored for any adverse events, as well as success, comfort levels, and patient satisfaction.


Mostly from GPs, who recognise the expertise, and many by word of mouth from friends and relatives. Many people self refer after reading this website.

The Vein Centre story

In 1992, Dr Robert Fris MB ChB FRCS(C) FACS FACP, recognised that there were less invasive treatments than surgery and that there was a need for a vein clinic of excellence dedicated to safe, non-surgical treatments for Varicose Veins. But he also recognised that patients wanted safe treatment for cosmetic reasons as well, and in a modern, friendly, and understanding environment.

And so The Vein Centre became the first clinic in New Zealand solely dedicated to the management of problem veins. It remains as the varicose vein clinic recognized by ALL major insurance companies*. Every week they see patients who went elsewhere, but their insurance company would not cover other clinics. Because they only deal with varicose veins, and because of their experience, they are very good at what they do.

In 2018 Dr Jerzy Nowacki became the new leader of the Centre. He is a vocationally registered phlebologist trained in multiple centres in the world, with many years of experience in the field.

The team also teaches other Doctors, including surgeons and Professors, in their techniques, and their Vascular Sonographers are active in passing on their skills to colleagues in the public hospitals.

The Vein Centre is Southern Cross Affiliated and NIB First Choice clinic, also recognized by other major insurance companies.

*please check with your insurance provider.