Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I make an appointment?

You will be seen by a doctor specialising in Varicose Veins. We will ensure that there is nothing about your personal or family health that would contradict treatment.

Obviously we will examine you, and this includes an initial Duplex Ultrasound examination.

We will then discuss what would happen if you did not proceed to treatment, or how we would proceed if you did want them treated (for whatever reason). Quite often we will advise treatment because of early or obvious complications occurring, even though the veins may not be giving you any problems. We will have a preliminary explanation of treatment options, and refer you to this website to peruse at your leisure .

You will then proceed to a full Duplex Ultrasound by one of our specialist Vascular Ultrasonographers. This is to map the anatomy of the veins, and also to look for possible risk factors for DVT. Your anatomy will have some bearing on the treatment choice.

After this, we will call you with the results (or discuss it on the spot). There may be a treatment that we would advise, or any of the options are suitable. We will help you decide.

Will I need time off work?

After our minimally invasive treatment, most people are able to go back to work the same day, or the following day. It does of course depend a bit on how much needed to be done in your procedure.

We will advise you a little better when we see you.


Will insurance cover the costs?

All insurance companies recognize us as experts in the field, and will cover you as long as there are genuine indications for treatment. The reimbursement depends on the type of coverage. Our staff will help you with your insurance and filling in your forms. And of course we are Southern Cross affiliated.


I don’t have an insurance. Do you provide any long term funding?

To help our patients who do not have any medical insurance, we started cooperation with Q-Card offering long term (up to 12 months)  funding. For details please refer to *


Do I need a referral from my GP?

We would prefer it, especially if you have had previous health problems, and it’s a good idea to discuss it with him or her first.

However, you can contact us directly if you wish. We would keep your GP informed of our opinion and any treatments.


So how is the blood leaving my leg after my veins are closed by laser or glue?

No worries! Fortunately we have a lot of good veins which transport the blood to our heart.  We only close veins which compromise the function of good ones and causing your varicose veins and other nasty leg symptoms, therefore improving the whole circulation.


*terms and conditions of Q-Card apply.