Welcome to the new 1940nm Laser!

After 3 months of testing (and more than 120 veins treated) we decided to replace our excellent NeoV 1470nm laser with its even better, younger,  1940nm sibling. We are the first varicose veins clinic in New Zealand to use this new technology which is still evolving to deliver even better, less uncomfortable treatment. Endovenous laser ablation remains a gold standard in varicose veins procedures, with close to 100% ablation rate. At present, 1470nm lasers are the most commonly used machines. Together with radial fibres they are characterised by low discomfort level after the procedure. 1940nm laser are the new devises, which has the same success rate, at the same time needing less energy to achieve that. It means that the laser creates even less damage to the tissue surrounding treated veins. Additionally, in theory, it might result in even lower risk of damaging the skin nerves running close to SSV or GSV.