We are first in New Zealand performing Flebogrif MOCA procedure

We are thrilled to announce, that today, as the first in New Zealand, we performed successful mechano-chemical ablation (MOCA) of both great saphenous veins using Flebogrif closure system. The idea of MOCA is based on irritation of the inner surface of the vein with the mechanical device – rotating catheter in ClariVein system or 4 micro-blades in Flebogrif. It enhances the effect of injected sclerotherapy agent increasing the closure rate of the treated vein. The method is fast and seems to be less painful than ClariVein which used to be offered in The Vein Centre in the past.
The Vein Centre has been always a leader in the vein treatment in New Zealand being among the first clinics to introduce new methods of treatment. Although Flebogrif is not currently offered as a routine procedure, we will monitor results of the treatment closely to see its potential in phlebology.
For more information about the Flebogrif please follow the link below (producer’s website):