10 Most Common Myths About Varicose Veins

For many years varicose veins have been seen as a cosmetic problem only. This and other common misconceptions are outlined in the article below. In simple words they are:

  1. Varicose veins are a cosmetic problem only – NOT
  2. Varicose veins are a sign of ageing – NOT
  3. Varicose veins are strictly problem of women – NOT
  4. Running can cause varicose veins – NOT
  5. Varicose veins are always visible – NOT
  6. Standing on the job causes varicose veins – NOT
  7. Making Lifestyle Changes Won’t Help – NOT
  8. Surgery Is Your Only Treatment Option – definitely NOT
  9. Recovery After Varicose Vein Treatments Is Difficult – NOT at all
  10. Varicose veins can be cured.

In our Centre we usually discuss all these issues in details.

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